After successfully producing many potential students in Singapore, the Global Taekwondo Academy has spread its wings to Indonesia.

This martial arts school provides training quickly and effectively which is the main goal to be achieved.

More than just an ordinary taekwondo school, Global Taekwondo Academy is complete with facilities and achievements

CEO and CO Founder of Global Taekwondo Academy, Justin Ng, stated that his party is committed to producing professional seeds who are ready to compete.

This is proven by the presence of students who have participated in international sports championship leagues such as the SEA Games and other international championships

Sports activities, said Justin Ng, have become part of everyday life in all ages.

Not only adults, now many sports classes for children are opened.

"Global Taekwondo Academy guarantees the supervision of professional coaches, such as athletes, former athletes, and masters in their fields."

Students can learn taekwondo quickly and effectively, accompanied by coaches who have high flying hours," said Justin Ng.

This taekwondo school is affiliated with a national-scale taekwondo sports association in Singapore, namely the Singapore Taekwondo Federation.

According to Justin Ng, practicing taekwondo with global training standards will be a different experience.

The training program provided is complete with the latest facilities and has the best trainers.

Global Taekwondo Academy has won the award as Asia's Best Picked Taekwondo School," said Justin Ng.

Meanwhile, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, Global Taekwondo Academy always tries to follow government recommendations.

Students as well as children and coaches can communicate with each other online while practicing from home.