NEW CRAVEN TEAM NEWS- Receive a Visit from Ungaran Taekwondo Athletes, Ganjar Jawa Barat


The Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Ganjar Pranowo seeks to provide support to all young athletes in his region to continue 

training and prepare themselves as best they can. The support, he said, was not only aimed at making Central Java proud in the future but also for Indonesia.

He made this statement when welcoming the visit of one of the outstanding young taekwondo athletes from Ungaran, Semarang 

Regency, Anandea Sekar Rafina (10) at the Central Java Governor's office, Semarang

To note, Anandea Sekar Rafina or who is familiarly called Sekar is a young taekwondo athlete who won four gold medals in 20 days. His visit to the office of the Governor of Central 

Java to ask for his blessing and support for his participation in the international championship "World Changmookwan Championship 2021 Not only that, Sekar also 

conveyed to Governor Ganjar the various achievements he had achieved so far. Responding to the young athlete's achievements, Ganjar asked the 5th grader Hj 

Isriati Moenadi Ungaran Elementary School to show Anandea's expertise as a taekwondo athlete

Let me see your moves. Just here (in the office of Governor Ganjar)," he said. At first, Sekar 

seemed a little shy when he accepted Ganjar's challenge. However, he slowly started to stand up and move his body. Sekar's moves not only gave him confidence, but also made Ganjar 

shudder as he sat in his chair. "Wow, this is dangerous. This is a really cool athlete. Still 

young, a girl, her name is Sekar. She is only 10 years old but she already has a lot of medals," said Ganjar While praising Sekar, who was agile with his moves

Regarding achievements, Sekar has won many gold medals from various taekwondo events since 2018. Finally, he recorded an achievement as a young taekwondo athlete who was able to win four gold medals in 20 

days. This achievement was achieved while participating in four championships in September 2021. Of the four medals, one of 

which Sekar managed to get when participating in the international level championship in Gorontalo in early September 2021